50+ employees


Need an easy solution with consistent quality and affordable pricing? We have the expertise and resources to make it happen.

Café Napoléon is your ideal partner for improved productivity, thanks to the skills of our Master Roaster and the quality of our coffee machines, which are rigorously, yet quickly maintained.

Looking for coffee for the office? Café Napoléon has the best advice for you in terms of selection of grain and equipment, adaptable to all company sizes and preferences, offering over 6 coffee bag formats.

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Our complete range of coffee beans and ground coffees will satisfy your team every day. Discover our gourmet, organic and fair-trade coffees, available in traditional or espresso grind.


Let our efficient coffee machines and professional maintenance service give you increased peace of mind and boost your employee satisfaction.


Discover our wide selection of products for your coffee corner at work.

Here is an overview of our wide selection of products for the office:
Napoléon cups, Teas/Herbal teas, 5 sizes of Napoléon cups, Napoléon sugar, Stir sticks.