20-49 employees


Looking for a complete solution, including quality roasted coffee, high-performance coffee machines and quick, attentive customer service? Café Napoléon has the perfect at-work solution for you.

Our micro-roast coffees, when prepared with one of our advanced coffee machines, can keep both employees and clients happy. Ordering is quick and machine maintenance is efficient, which makes managing your coffee corner easier.

Looking for coffee for the office? Café Napoléon has the best advice for you in terms of selection of grain and equipment, adaptable to all company sizes and preferences, offering over 6 coffee bag formats.

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Discover our full range of rich aromas, from velvety mild to intensely full-bodied.


Our selection of coffee equipment, vending machines, flasks and other accessories will ensure that your team has a satisfying coffee break and maybe even a more productive day.


Discover our wide selection of products for your coffee corner at work.

Here is an overview of our wide selection of products for the office:
Napoléon cups, Teas/Herbal teas, 5 sizes of Napoléon cups, Napoléon sugar, Stir sticks.